Kali Hoteles - Your Partner in Business Adventures in Mexico City

Are you traveling for business? These amenities at Kali Hotels will transform your trip into an unforgettable adventure.

A business trip can be both an exciting and challenging experience. In destinations like Mexico City, such trips present an excellent opportunity to embark on unforgettable adventures. That's why, at Kali Hotels, we've curated a collection of amenities to make your stay a memorable one. In this blog post, we want to share with you the comforts that will turn your stay at Kali into a true adventure in Mexico City.
High-speed wireless internet (wifi included)
In a modern world, connectivity is key. At Kali Hotels, we ensure that you are always connected with high-speed internet access on the executive floor and throughout the hotel. We provide a reliable and stable connection, ensuring you stay online to accomplish any task securely.
Business Center at your disposal
As a guest at Kali Hotels, you can take advantage of our business center. An exclusive space equipped with computers, printers, and scanners that you can use freely. Additionally, the 24-hour coffee, tea, and snacks available at the front desk will help you focus on meeting your work objectives during your visit.
Complimentary Boardroom
Need to meet someone and don't have a place? We understand that the success of many business dealings relies on discretion. Therefore, we offer you 2 hours of complimentary use of our boardroom (subject to availability). Just approach the front desk and reserve the meeting room when you need it.

24-hour Gym
We understand that one of the common challenges of traveling for business is maintaining a workout routine. Between long workdays, unfamiliarity with a city, or the lack of necessary equipment, continuing workouts can be complicated. That's why, at Kali Hotels, we have 24-hour gyms so you can stay fit during your visits.
Savor the Best Mexican Dishes
Whether you want to stay in the hotel or opt for a convenient dining option, our Komali Restaurant and Komali Café always have local cuisine options for you to savor iconic dishes from Mexico's gastronomic culture. Delicious and comforting, we're confident there's no better choice to start or end your day.
Priority Attention on the Business Floor
Also, when booking a room on our executive floor, you can expect some special amenities such as Nespresso coffee makers, bathrobes, luxury bath amenities, and newspapers and magazines.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
Unexpected clothing mishaps can always happen, which is why we offer our guests laundry and dry-cleaning services (additional cost). In case you need it, we can clean or refresh all types of garments to always look your best.
Executive Taxi Service
If you need to get around the city, whether it's to the airport, a business meeting, an event, or a concert, you can request an executive taxi service at the reception. It's important to mention that this service comes with an additional cost to the accommodation fee.
Discover the Wonders of the Historic Center
Otro de los beneficios que obtienes al hospedarte en Kali Hoteles es que puedes solicitar el préstamo de una bicicleta. Así, podrás tomarte la tarde para viajar por las maravillosas calles del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México.
In addition to these accommodations that make Kali Hotels a fantastic choice for business travelers in CDMX, we can also highlight other hotel attributes, such as its excellent location and connectivity to public transportation (Metro and Metrobus, buses, and eco-bikes).
Being located in the heart of the city makes it extremely easy to travel to both the main business districts and entertainment centers.
Es importante mencionar que estas amenidades podrían variar entre nuestros hoteles. Por ello, te invitamos a que conozcas los servicios disponibles en Kali Escandón, Kali Ciudadela and Kali Centro.
It's important to mention that these amenities may vary among our hotels. Therefore, we invite you to explore the services available at Kali Escandon, Kali Ciudadela, and Kali Centro. If you plan to travel to CDMX for business purposes, we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible to get up to a 15% discount for early booking using the code ADVANCE
Don't wait any longer!Book your room today and get ready to be pampered at Kali Hotels! With our amenities designed with every detail in mind, we guarantee that your business trip will transform into an unforgettable adventure in the vibrant city of Mexico. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!