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Discover Our Executive Floor and Boost Your Productivity

In the business world, finding a spot that combines luxury, comfort, and first-class services can sometimes be challenging for any business traveler. Kali Escandón, located in the vibrant Mexico City, offers all that and more in its exclusive Executive Floor. If you want to maximize every aspect of your stay, this is the ideal place for you. In this entry, we tell you everything you need to know.
Privacy and Luxury at Your Reach
The Executive Floor at Kali Escandón stands out for its privacy and luxurious details. With only six exclusive rooms, including four Premier Executive rooms, one Executive Junior Suite, and one Corner Suite, the experience promises to be intimate and personal. Each room features a King-size bed, luxury amenities, Wi-Fi internet, and bathrobes to ensure your maximum comfort. Additionally, the NESPRESSO coffee and tea service in the rooms adds a touch of elegance and convenience for those moments of relaxation between meetings.
Some of the exclusive benefits of this floor can be found in the Executive Lounge, a space designed for business travelers to work with all the necessary comforts to maximize their productivity.

Here you will find:

Free use of computer, printer, and scanner: Keep up with your work commitments without worries. You no longer have to think about finding a printing center in the city, as everything is at your disposal in the Executive Lounge.
High-speed Wi-Fi access: Connect efficiently at any time. A stable and fast connection allows you to conduct video conferences, download files, and stay in touch with your team without interruptions.
Executive breakfast: Enjoy an exclusive breakfast from 7:00 am to 10:00 am to start your day with energy. Our breakfast is designed to offer you a nutritious and delicious selection, including healthy and energizing options.

Happy Hour: Relax with canapés, wines, and beers from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. After a day full of meetings and activities, you can unwind in a relaxed and sophisticated environment.
Beverage service throughout the day: Water, coffee, juices, soft drinks, and some snacks at your disposal. Stay hydrated and happy throughout your day.
Newspapers and magazines: Stay informed with the latest news and trends. You will have access to a variety of national and international publications to keep up with what is happening in the world.
Complimentary meeting room for 2 hours: Ideal for important meetings, subject to availability. The room is equipped with technology to ensure productive and effective meetings.

Personalized Attention and Quality Service

At Kali Escandón, every detail is designed to make your stay unforgettable. The hotel team strives to offer personalized service that exceeds expectations, ensuring every moment is special. From check-in to check-out, you will feel at home. If you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, if you seek information about transportation, food, or activities in Mexico City, our reception staff will be happy to help you turn your visit into a dream come true.


Strategic Location
One great advantage of Kali Escandón is its privileged location. Being in one of the most accessible areas of Mexico City, you can quickly reach business centers, shopping areas, and key tourist spots. Whether you have meetings in the city or wish to explore the surroundings, the hotel's location allows you to make the most of your time.
Staying on the Executive Floor of Kali Escandón is an experience that redefines the concept of luxury and comfort for business travelers. Every detail is carefully designed to offer you the best in privacy, comfort, and efficiency, ensuring you can focus on your goals with the peace of mind that every need is covered.

Transform Your Business Trip
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Your business trip deserves the best. At Kali Escandón, we welcome you with open doors and first-class services that will make your stay a true pleasure. From the privacy and luxury of our rooms to the efficiency and comfort of the Executive Lounge, every aspect of your stay is designed to maximize your productivity and well-being.

Book a room on our Executive Floor now and experience Kali Escandón!

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