Celebrate National Independence in Mexico City

Scream Out Loud “Viva Mexico” in Kali

Are you coming this september to Mexico City? Well, you must read this..

As you may know, Mexico is such a wonderful country. Besides being full of natural places, paradise beaches and impressive landscapes; this is also a land with a wide cultural heritage. Holidays, for instance, are as numerous as population. Yearly there are about 5000 different celebrations. The undeniable truth is that Mexicans always have a reason to celebrate. However; none of them is like the Indepence Day Commemoration.

This Commemoration is undoubtedly the most important event for Mexicans, even more than “5 de mayo”. Beyond being a remembrance of the Independence war, the national heroes and the principles under which Mexico was founded, it is also the greatest homage to Mexican heritage and Mexican proudness.
Annually, on September 15th, Mexicans wear their best clothes and gather in family because no sooner than the twelfth chime of midnight has rang, fireworks illuminate skies and mariachi music make you vibrate.

How can I celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day in 2019?

 As this is the major Mexican party, there are several activities you can do across the country. However the very best are in Mexico City (CDMX).

Here a list of the 5 best activities to celebrate Mexican Independence Day in CDMX.

  • The call for independence rendition

At the first minute of September 16th, Mexican president perform a rendition of the Cry of Dolores. According to history, it was when the Priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla encouraged Mexicans to rise up against Spaniards. Now, the president in charge make a performance in The National Palace (Palacio Nacional).

If you truly want to live the Mexican Independence, you must attend to this event. Just try to be a little early, normally it gets crowded really fast.

  • Dinner at a Mexican restaurant

Another way to celebrate Mexican Independence is to have an authentic Mexican dinner. Many restaurants in Mexico City serve special menus that night. We highly encourage you to taste Pozole, Chiles en Nogada and Mole. Those are the most delicious representants of Mexican cuisine.

  • Going to a Mexican Party

If you are a party-lover, then you must look towards a bar or a nightclub. Most of them have the most amazing shows, special guest or the most talented DJ this night. So, once you choose one, there’s nothing much to do but rising glasses up and scream out loud “Viva Mexico”.
Remember, you must make the toast with either mezcal or tequila.

  • The national army parade

As a homage to the heroes who gave their lives in the Independence War, Mexican army goes on a major parade. From local police to soldiers and navy, everyone marches fiercely proud of being Mexican.

This is a great activity if you travel with children. They will undoubtedly love seeing some army trucks, helicopters and even, if you are lucky, some majestic planes and heavy weapons.

  • Being in family and eat Pozole

If you are lucky enough to have a Mexican family with who you can spend these days. Don’t hesitate, visit them. At the end of the day, Mexican Independence Commemoration is a matter of being in family. In additions, there are no better Pozole cooks than grandmoms’.

As you can read, Mexican Independence Day is the ultimate Mexican party. If you want to make a getaway these days, you can count on Kali Hotels to host you. Besides being in Mexico City Downtown, they will have lots of surprises. So, don’t wait anymore. Book your room now!