The magic of Christmas lives in Mexico City!

For many travelers, arriving in Mexico City in the middle of December is one of the most memorable experiences. Far from the typical clichés such as lights, decorated streets and giant Christmas trees all around the entire city, the party atmosphere that is breathed everywhere is what really remains in the heart. For this reason, in this article, we want to share our best tips for you to enjoy the holidays to the edge on your next visit to the CDMX.

What makes Christmas in Mexico City so special?

Well, answering this question is not simple at all. The reality is that the essence of Christmas can take many forms in a city as big as this one. And, well this isn’t mind-blowing news. In the end, the more ways to celebrate there are, the more things to do there will be in the beautiful capital of Mexico.

Starting from this point, we will classify the activities into 3 large groups: special events, gastronomy, and must-sees.

Christmas Events in Mexico City 2022

Why do old favorites always have to be at the end? This year, we are going to break the rules a bit, just as the CDMX has done by hosting so many special events for the holiday season.

Here we will tell you the ones, we are looking forward


If you’re a fan of romantic stories that happen between spheres and lights, you won’t find a better place in Mexico City to have a white Christmas. Being an attraction, similar to a theme park. Navidalia is set in a Christmas village where both children and adults can enjoy Christmas classics from all over the world. From the typical Mexican Posada to the traditions of the frigid lands of northern Europe, this will be an experience you can never forget.  The appointment will be in the Alameda Poniente Park in Santa Fe.

Christmas in the park

Another must-see event this Christmas in Mexico City is the famous Christmas in the park by Six Flags. If you are an enthusiast of strong emotions who likes to see dancing goblins and lots of Christmas decorations, you can not miss it. It will be enough for you to visit the park on any date in December for you to enjoy this beautiful event.

Magic Christmas tour

Primarily focused on foreign travelers, this tour aims to show how an authentic Mexican Christmas is celebrated. In it, an expert guide will lead the group through the most emblematic places and monuments of the historic center of the city while recounting the meaning of all the decorations and celebrations typical of the holiday season.

Now that you know 3 events that you can not miss, we recommend that you follow us on our social networks. New events may be announced a few days before Christmas. In the meantime, what do you think if we talk a little about the dishes that no matter what you have to try?

The gastronomic offer in Mexico City during the Christmas season is extremely vast; from the typical commercial tastes such as caramel stick coffee to the more traditional ones such as delicious churros with a cup of hot cocoa. Undoubtedly, you should make a space in your itinerary to make a gastronomic tour through the most traditional Christmas cuisine. Tour that must include:

  • Roasted turkey with gravy
  • Pork leg in chili marinade
  • Romeritos and shrimp croquettes in mole sauce
  • Cod in Biscayan sauce

A good place to start the tour of Mexico City’s Christmas delights can be at the hotel’s restaurant. And the truth is that, beyond the convenience of having it a few steps from the room, restaurants like Komali surprise you with their creative proposals of the old favorites.

In addition, without fear of mistake, a glass of a good wine will be your best companion for this evening. And there is no one better than our chefs to suggest the right one to enjoy all the exquisite flavors of your dinner.

Just when the feast is over, you may want to take a short walk through the main monuments of Mexico City. In addition to the many Christmas trees found throughout the city, the lights and decorations are quite a spectacle in themselves. And you may even find one or another street artist who introduces you to what is an authentic Mexican Christmas.

To learn more about what you can do at Christmas in Mexico City, come to our reception desk. Surely, when you visit us at Kali Hoteles we will have more recommendations to make your visit to Mexico City a dream come true.