Xochimilco: the Cultural Heritage of Humanity you must visit

Mexico City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether for its endless activities, attractions and places of interest, or for its importance to the business world, it is undeniable that thousands of visitors arrive every year looking to experience authentic Mexican culture. In this sense, we must remember that this site has been internationally awarded for its natural beauty and wide cultural heritage, and above all for being a place where the most representative of a magical Mexico converges; the tradition of the Mesoamerican peoples, the majesty of nature, the ease of music and the delicious flavors that distinguish this country.

A place such as Xochimilco allows people to experience the magic that makes this nation unique in its own right. Located a few minutes south of downtown Mexico City, it will be the ideal complement to your visit. Beyond living the flavor of a Mexican party, you will be amazed by all the attractions it has to offer. This includes the traditional trajineras to the most delicious mole you have ever tasted. What can I do in one day in Xochimilco? Our highest recommendation for you to enjoy this Magical Town, named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, is that you travel to it as early as possible, as there will be many activities to do and you will not want to miss any of them.

  1. Eat an authentic Mexican breakfast Once you’ve arrived, the first thing on the list is to start the day with a breakfast of champions. To taste some delicious quesadillas, whether it’s at the local market or in a nearby restaurant. The town of Xochimilco is known for having the most enjoyable places to savor this exquisite Mexican delicacy. And, the most appealing thing about it is that, whether you are a meat or vegetable lover, you will find an option you will love.
  2. Stroll through the Magic Town center After breakfast, you can walk around the center and discover various attractions such as churches and craft markets. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be a magical town without cultural representations everywhere.
  3. Visit the flower market Another must-see attraction in Xochimilco is the flower market. Here, beyond the striking colors and sweet aromas that distinguish these plants, you can admire one of the products for which this town is widely recognized. In addition, you will surely be able to take wonderful photographs to fill your Instagram with priceless memories.
  4. Take a trajinera tour When you have finished walking through the town, it will be time to go to one of the many ports of trajineras. These are the beautiful boats decorated with flowers and bright colors that characterize this town. During the tour, you will stroll through the lake’s canals and observe the multiple chinampas full of traditional decorations. Some of the best known are La Llorona and Isla de las Muñecas. As part of the tour, you can listen to Mariachi music while enjoying classic Mexican drinks.
  5. Close your visit to Xochimilco with a Mexican feast Back at the port, it will be time to continue tasting Mexican food. In it, you can find various vendors that offer everything from traditional tamales, to all kinds of typical Mexican stews. Some of the must-see dishes are mole and all variants of appetizers such as pambazos, tlacoyos, sopes and gorditas.

As you read, spending a day in Xochimilco will be a perfect complement to your Mexico City visit. No matter how much time you have, spending a few hours in this magical town will never disappoint you. However, although we have talked about another attraction of CDMX, it is possible that you are still looking for accommodation in this city. To do this, our highest recommendation is to book a room in one of the Kali hotels near Mexico City centre.

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