Visiting Mexico City? 10 must-see places to visit

If you are visiting Mexico City or are about to get away, you will surely be wondering what are the obligatory places to visit? If so, you are on the right blog, here we will present the Top-10 sites that no matter what you must visit.

 Now, without further intro, we share our best recommendations with you.

  1. Angel of Independence

Located in Paseo de la Reforma, it is one of the great symbols of Mexico City and Mexico itself. It is an unmissable place due to representativeness, symbolism and architecture. If you are a history lover, you’ll get fascinated here; as it is currently possible to visit the urns and sculptures of 14 national heroes who have their eternal home there, such as Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Ignacio Allende, Guadalupe Victoria and Vicente Guerrero, among others.

2.            Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Whether you are a religious person or not, the architecture of the Basilica tends to enchant locals and foreigners thanks to its massively beautiful architecture!

It should be noted that Masses are celebrated all day. If you are Guadalupano, you cannot leave the city without visiting the ayate of Tepeyac where, according to the tradition, the Virgin of Guadalupe first appeared.

3.            Garibaldi Square

In September and at any other time of the year, in Plaza Garibaldi there is a real excitement. As this is a meeting point for extremely talented singers and musicians, it will be an exceptional place to enjoy the songs of authentic Mexican mariachis.

Mexican musician with his trumpet and guitars

4.            Palace of Fine Arts

Built in the early 1900s, this building concentrates a structure that brings together the most exalted details of art nouveau and art deco. In addition to its impressive style and architecture, this building houses paintings of Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco and Rufino Tamayo.

Also, inside, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Architecture, which in other words mean that, by visiting the Palace of fine arts, you get a 3 in 1 combo; one beyond-words enchanting experience at the palace itself and two culturally rich museums to discover. 

Finally, taking advantage of the nearby sighting points, you can stroll across the Alameda Central and, continue the art tour at Diego Rivera Mural Museum.

As you can see, visiting the Palace of Fine Arts is more than a delight for those who like culture and the arts.

5.            Xochimilco

If you are looking for a day of fun, without a doubt, Xochimilco is one of the ideal places for you. Here, you can enjoy an authentic Mexican party. Just imagine, a ride through the canals of the lake in small boat, beautifully decorated with flowers and colors, and all accompanied with mariachi music; and, why not? some shots of tequila.

Chapultepec area

To visit this site, we recommend that you do not schedule any other activity, because here you can take the whole day visiting the following tourist places:

Chapultepec Forest

Ideal for nature lovers; it is the oldest forest in America and one of the most traditional in the world.

It consists of 3 sections:

A.           The oldest, which houses the lake, the zoo, the Chapultepec Castle and museums such as the Modern Art and the National Museum of Anthropology.


C.           Here you will find lakes, running tracks and sport courts and El Papalote Museo del Niño. This is an unmissable site to reconnect with nature.

D.           It is the furthest section of the forest. Here you can find the Equestrian Center, where you can ride a horse. Just remember that the security equipment is not included, so you must bring your own helmet and boots.

7. Chapultepec Castle

The only royal castle on our continent has an impressive structure full of history, as it has witnessed several of the great moments of our country.

Here you can enjoy a collection of paintings, photographs, documents, and objects that emanate from the passages of our history, passing from before colonization to the present.

 8. Natural History Museum

This museum is in the second section of the Chapultepec Forest; It has an extensive collection of almost 3 thousand pieces on topics such as the universe, creative residence, the origin of life, taxonomy, evolution, man and biogeography, among others; In addition, it protects the National Collection of Insects, with 55 thousand copies.

As if that weren’t enough, you can enjoy events about botany, astronomy, history, and zoology.

 9. Azteca Stadium

If you are a football fan or on your visit there is a scheduled concert, do not hesitate to visit the Azteca Stadium, home of the America Eagles and place where the soccer party dwells.

 10. National Auditorium

The last recommended site, but not the least important, is the National Auditorium, the most important event hall in Mexico, which since 1952 has hosted the most emblematic events of the country.

Here you can find everything from music recitals, ballet, to plays and concerts of widely renowned artists. Without hesitation, you can’t miss it.

As you may have noticed, Mexico City is a city for all tastes, from those who prefer to party to those who seek the tranquility of nature; It is also a perfect place for those who like to enjoy the history of our country.

So, talking about enjoying your stay in Mexico City to the limit, here are some tips, which we are sure will help you boost your vacation or weekend getaway.

  •  Prepare your daily journey. This will help you make time yield and save on your transportation.
  •  Wear comfortable clothes. This is essential, since, to tour the Historic Center and other attractions, there is nothing better than walking. Also, remember to wear sunscreen and always bring a bottle of water with you.
  •   Plan your accommodation. This is one of the most important points, because having a comfortable and well-located bed will be the key for the success of your trip. In this sense, our favorite option is always to stay in Hoteles Kali.

Following our advice and recommendations on what to see and to do in Mexico City, we are sure you’re going to have a gorgeous holiday.