Mexico among the 50 best restaurants in the world

Once again, Mexico within the

“50 Best Restaurants in the World”


The long-awaited list of the 50 Best Restaurants of the World, 2018 edition, was unveiled on October 30 at a ceremony where culinary intellectuals from all five continents met in the Spanish city of Bilbao for the award ceremony. It is more than a simple list, it is a celebration of the diversity of cuisines, where it is also explored in lectures and live culinary demonstrations, in addition to events that focus on the gastronomic strengths of a particular region, to know what the best restaurants in Asia and Latin America. With follow-up on social networks of more than 1 million food lovers, positioning the brand also worldwide through its digital channels.

Since 2002, the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” have reflected the culinary world diversity thanks to its panel of more than 1000 culinary experts, as well as its structured voting procedure; the annual list of the best restaurants in the world offers a clear example of the best destinations to have a unique culinary experience, as well as being a barometer for global gastronomic trends.

When Gastronomic Tourism began to increase in popularity, the “50 Best Restaurants in the World” gained recognition and legitimacy as a compass for gourmets in their beginnings, discovering future chefs, culinary trends and showing the subtlety and complexity of Several cuisines around the world.

Who represents Mexico?

Chef Enrique Olvera opened Pujol (13th place on the list) in Mexico City in 2000. His kitchen is always transforming; it adds ideas from all over, reinterprets and evolves, but it has roots in the ingredients and the Mexican techniques of all times.

Led by the dumbbell integrated by Jorge Vallejo in kitchen and Alejandra Flores in room, Quintonil (place 11 in the list) offers a proposal that clearly expresses the flavors and techniques of contemporary Mexican cuisine, from the platform of a restaurant that It perfectly integrates the dynamics of contemporary Mexican cuisine and service, as well as a contemporary vision of national gastronomy and sustainability criteria.

The work of this duo has led them to receive important recognitions; entering the aforementioned list of the “50 Best Restaurants in the World”.

  In the opinion of the Expert

The Mexican Valentina Ortiz, also judge of the event, highlights that there is a good representativeness in the list, which is prepared by a jury of more than 250 industry experts: “Your judges are people who travel and eat in Latin America and there is no restaurant pre-filter Like any other ranking has its fans and detractors, everyone would like to have greater representation In Mexico, we are lucky to have restaurants of all kinds, long tablecloth, but also much smaller or traditional, which are also part of this list.

We invite you to stay in Kali Escandón, because we have the Pujol and Quintonil representatives near you (Polanco area) .